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6 by 6 - A toolkit of solutions for the blind and people with visual impairment

Launch of 6 by 6 - A toolkit of solutions for the blind and people with visual impairment

Launch of 6 by 6 - A toolkit of solutions for the blind and people with visual impairment.

BarrierBreak is glad to announce the launch of 6 by 6 - A toolkit of solutions assisting blind and visually impaired people to live independently! 6 by 6 app comprises of a 3 in 1 solution for people with visual impairment! Keeping the Indian audience in mind, 6 by 6 has been developed for Android first.

The 1st release of the app will include 3 tools:

*   Currency Detection tool (for the Indian Currency)
*   Magnifier
*   Light Detector 

Currency Detector

Do you want to know whether you have a 500, 2000 or a 50 rupee note in your hand? The app 6 by 6 has been specially designed for people with visual impairment to help them detect currency. The app currently supports Indian Rupee. Follow these steps to help you better currency detection:

Hold the Currency between 5-6 inches from the Phone.

Hold the currency in your hand, try all types of methods, holding the note open works well, you can also hold it in your hand or place it on a surface. Why don't you give it a try!

Tap on the screen to get an accurate prediction. 

Note: We have trained lakhs of currency notes to increase the accuracy of the app! But it might, at times give you an inaccurate result! Do send us that feedback, so we can improve the experience for you. 

Light Detector

Do you want to know whether the light is on in the room or not? Do you want
to know if you are near the light bulb? The light detector feature helps you
identify the intensity of light around you with a single tap on your mobile.

*       Select Light Detector and the app will inform you about the light
*       The phone also vibrates when you are very close to the light source.
*       Ensure that you do not cover the proximity sensor located at the top
of your device (near the front camera).


Having problems reading that menu at a restaurant? Don't worry, now 6 by 6 turns your mobile phone into a magnifier.

Select the Magnifier option, zoom in and magnify by just extending the slider all the way to the right. 

To freeze the camera, tap on the button which says 'Freeze'. This will give you a snapshot image of the currently focused camera output, so that you can take more time to see the image and not need to keep the phone physically pointed at the object. 

Once you're done and need to go back to the live camera output,click on the button 'Live'.

Kindly download this app from here:


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