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ALVA 570 Satellite Pro

Visual Impairment Level: 
Low to Zero vision

Part of the award-winning Satellite series of Refreshable Braille Displays from ALVA ( the ALVA Satellite 570 Pro is for professionals and braille enthusiasts. , , With a 70-cell wide display, the Satellite 570 Pro was designed to meet most users requirements with a wide desktop display. It is the first desktop braille display designed specifically for a graphical interface that gives users the advantage of a wide braille line. Slightly longer than a standard qwerty keyboard, the ALVA 570 Satellite Pro delivers virtually the same amount of information as a conventional 80-character display but with less reach and hand motion.

In US Dollars: Alva 570 Satellite Pro: 9,995.00; In Indian Rupees : not available
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ALVA Access Group Inc

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