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Current Size: 100%

ALVA Delphi Multi Media 480

Visual Impairment Level: 
Low to Zero vision

With Double Touch Cursors, four navigation keys and three operating keys, the ALVA Delphi MultiMedia 480 braille display offers full access to even the most complicated graphic screens. And thanks to its comprehensive, slim, and ergonomic design, an ALVA Delphi Multimedia braille display is both easy and comfortable to use. A computer keyboard can easily be placed on top of it. So, whether you want to write a letter in MS Word, work in Lotus spreadsheets, browse the Internet with Netscape or Internet Explorer, or just relax and read text line-by-line, it can all be done with the slim ALVA Delphi Multimedia 480, especially when you are a professional computer user., , The 85 cell ALVA Delphi Multimedia 480 represents eighty characters in braille.

In US Dollars: Alva 544 Satellite Traveller: 9,995.00; In Indian Rupees: not available
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Image of ALVA Delphi Multi Media 480
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ALVA Access Group Inc

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