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This app helps visually impaired users read

Tue, 09/10/2019 - 10:53 -- geeta.nair

Honor launched a new application along with a new colour option for the honor 20 Pro at IFA 2019. The app, called PocketVision, works by using Honor’s AI and the high-resolution camera on the Honor 20 series to provide the user assistance in three forms.

Text-to-speech mode

The first mode is simple, it reads out whatever text is identifiable in front of the camera aloud to the user. The app can detect English, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, Italian and German using the HiAI platform and OCR by converting pictures into text.

Zoom In Mode

The second feature of the app uses the 48MP main sensor of the camera, and the 8MP ultra-wide sensor to enhance the image by zooming into it, being able to read text that is smaller or farther away.

Negative Image Mode

The third mode of the app provides various colour filters to enhance the image by increasing the contrast of images.

The PocketVision app works on all Huawei devices but functions best on the Mate 20 series.

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