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Blind candidate clears UPSC prelims

Mon, 07/16/2018 - 11:26 -- koshy.mathew@ey...

22 year Hina Rathi just cleared her preliminary exams for the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). Hina is 100% blind, but has ensured that her disability is never a hindrance in her path towards success!

Clearing the prelims of the UPSC exams can be a herculean task to many. Hina’s story is all about hard-work, determination and passion to chase her dreams.

Hina always aspired to be a civil servant. Her father owns a small tea stall at Palanpur in Gujarat. In spite of his financial constraints, he sent Hina to pursue her higher education at Ahmedabad. Hina points out that she owes this success to many people! It begins from her father’s friend from Ahmedabad who had supported her a lot.

Most of the times, lessons were read out loud to Hina by her friends. They read out newspapers and books so that Hina can get a better insight into her lessons. Rest of the times, she heard lessons from YouTube lectures.

Most of the study material had to be translated into Braille. A single page translation equalled to ten Braille pages. A well-wisher had paid Rs 45,000 towards her education making things better for Hina!

Hina says that she enjoys challenges that are thrown to her. This young girl is now gearing up to prepare for her upcoming main exams.

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