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Braille Embossers from M/s View Plus, USA

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Zero vision

Quick Overview


The affordable embossing solution! Perfect for home or office use, this reliable, compact embosser produces Braille at 25 cps. Switch between single-sheet or tractor-feed paper to meet your printing needs.

  1. Lightweight and compact, takes up little desk space

  2. New polymer platen creates a smooth, rounded dot for improved readability

Lowest priced embosser on the market, yet it’s still a powerful, reliable ViewPlus TIGER®

Desktop Braille Printers

Tiger Desktop Braille Printers — With enhanced capabilities!
Perfect for home or office use, these reliable, compact braille printers enable you to quickly and quietly print Braille and the highest-resolution tactile graphics available. Choose from three versatile options to fit your budget, speed and paper size needs.

The three models are:

  1. Cub Jr. Braille Embosser
  2. Cub Braille Embosser
  3. Max Braille Embosser

 Emprint Colour Ink and Braille Embosser

Emprint is the world’s first Braille and color ink embosser

  1. Twice as fast as the first Emprint™ model - now 50 CPS!
  2. New easy-to-use operator panel with tactile buttons
  3. Choice of case colors - fire or ice (red or white)
  4. Uses the same paper and ink cartridges as an HP Inkjet printer

Elite and Premium Braille Printer for High Volume Production

For Outstanding Braille and Tactile Graphic Production. Designed to run long hours and produce outstanding results, the Tiger Premier Series is perfect for universities and school districts. These network-ready embossers make printing double-sided Braille and the highest resolution tactile graphics easier than ever!

Use the Tiger Software Suite* for braille translation within Microsoft Word and Excel to create books, raised diagrams, Braille math worksheets and more at the touch of a button.

Tiger Premier embossers are also compatible with Duxbury and other braille software, offering users the choice to print from their favorite programs.


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