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Braille Master

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Low to Zero vision

BrailleMaster 6 is a powerful, functional, proven Braille translation software. After over a decade since its original introduction, BrailleMaster is still the only Braille translation software which allows you to customise your own Braille rules, using Robotron's proprietary Rule-based Braille Construction Language LOUIS. Try BrailleMaster's unique features and take the worry out of producing Braille. , , Unlike with conventional Braille transcription or translation packages, the Braille rules are not "hard-coded" in the program, but rather contained in a readable form in a rule definition file. This means that as Braille code changes or develops, the program does not need to change - rather, a small modification in the definition file is all that is necessary. The user can also create his or her own complete Braille code. In educational establishments, BrailleMaster is also an indispensable tool for studying Braille.

In US Dollars: BrailleMaster (Single User License - suitable for individuals) US199.95; BrailleMaster (Site License - suitable for organizations) US499.95; In Indian Rupees: not available
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