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Call for participation, faculty development program on Academic Accessibility and Disability inclusion

"Faculty Development Program on Academic Accessibility and Disability Inclusion"
Organized By:
Faculty Development Centre,
Savitribai Phule Pune University.
Concept Note:
•       People with disabilities in India are often left out of mainstream
education because of unawareness amongst educational institutions and
academician, limited infrastructural resources and lack of training in
this regard. It is believed that barely two per cent of the 70 million
persons with disabilities have access to education in India. Hence the
need of accessible academic environment.
•       As per the section 16 and section 17 of Rights of persons with
disabilities Act 2016 and Article 21 of United nations Conventions on
Rights of Persons with Disabilities it has been mandatory to provide
accessible environment to the students, researchers, faculties, staffs
and visitors with disabilities.
•       As per the law, all the academic built infrastructure, Web services, Course content and library services, Course delivery mechanism should be made accessible in next 2 years.
•       UGC has made mandatory to all the academic institutes to provide appropriate assistive technologies, accessible course content and accessible environment to the persons with disabilities.
•       This program will provide detail in site of accessibility compliance
in academics to the participants.
•       This is In service program for the university faculties and they will be entitled to get the benefits similar to Refresher and orientation program of HRDC.

1.      To sensitize stakeholders of higher education system in India about creation of accessible environment for persons with disabilities in Academics.
2.      To impart hands-on knowledge on Academic accessibility for implementation of various laws and regulations, Standards and guidelines, policies, schemes of government related to inclusion of persons with disabilities in academics.

The  5 days program will cover:
Inclusive education Concepts, types of disabilities and specific
assistive technologies required to them, Demonstration of assistive technologies, Challenges of persons with disabilities in academic inclusion, role of stakeholders in creation of barrier free academics, accessible academic web services, Accessible built infrastructure, Accessible Course content, accessible teaching and course delivery mechanism, Accessible Admission and enrolment, Reservation policies
for persons with disabilities, Disability support services activities at the campus, students counseling, Placement for persons with disabilities, cases discussion, Inclusive Education and accessibility
Research etc.

•       When: 19th august to 23th August 2019.
•       Duration: 5 days.
•       Who can participate?
University Faculties of arts and humanities, Social Sciences, Science and Technology etc, academic administrators, Policy makers, Trusties of academic institutions, Principals, Head of institutions, IQAC
directors, Librarians, Estate managers, IT managers, research fellows, disability coordinators etc.

Tentative program:
Day 1   •       Inauguration: by Prof. Sanjeev Sonawane, Director, HRDC,
SPPU. 11.00 am to 01.00 pm.
•       Lunch Break: 01.00 pm to 02.00 pm.
•       Introduction to Inclusive Education and persons with disabilities:
02.00 pm to 05.00 pm.

Day 2
        •       Introduction to academic accessibility: 10.00 am to 11.30 am.
•       Challenges of persons with disabilities (interaction with students):
From 11.30 am to 01.00 pm.
•       Lunch Break: 01.00 pm to 02.00 pm.
•       Introduction to assistive technologies: From 02.00 pm to 03.30 pm.
•       Resource centre for persons with disabilities: 03.30 pm to 05.00 pm.
Day 3
        •       Academic course content accessibility: From 10.00 am to 01.00 pm
•       Lunch Break: 01.00 pm to 02.00 pm
•       Academic Built infrastructure accessibility: 0200 pm to 03.30 pm.
•       Accessible Teaching and course delivery mechanism: from 03.30 pm to 05.00 pm.

Day 4
        •       Academic digital services accessibility: from 10.00 pm to 11.30 am.
•       Laws and regulations governing academic accessibility: from 11.30 am
to 01.00 pm.
•       Lunch Break: 01.00 pm to 02.00 pm.
•       Institutional policy for persons with disabilities: 2.00 pm to 03.30 pm.
•       Social inclusion of persons with disabilities in campus: from 03.30
pm to 05.00 pm.

Day 5

•       Presentations of participants on creation of their own accessible and inclusive campuses. From 10.00 am to 01.00 pm.
•       Lunch Break: 01.00 pm to 02.00 pm.
•       Valedictory: By Dr. Praful Pawar, Registrar, SPPU and Prof. Sanjeev
Sonawane, Director, HRDC, SPPU. 02.00 pm to 03.30 pm.

Tentative Guest Speakers:
•       Dr. Sam Tarapurwala.
•       Dr. Nirmitha Narsimhan
•       Dr. Shrirang Sahsrabudhe
•       Dr. Sandya Limay
•       Dr. Vaishali Kolhe
•       Dr. Homiyar Mobedji
•       Mr. Dipendra Manocha
•       Mr. Prashant Warma
•       Mr. Dhananjay Bhole
•       Dr. Kavita Murugkar
•       Ms. Anita Aiyar
•       Ms. Kanchan Pimnani
•       Dr. Sanjay Jain
Ms. Shivani Gupta
We are trying to get time of these speakers and inviting them for the Faculty Development Program.
Final Program will be share 1 week before the program commencement.

Interested university faculties can login to register on

Participents have to make their travelling and accommodation arrangement during the program. Faculty guest house is available in the university campus on nominal charge.

Mr. Dhananjay Bhole
Academic Coordinator,
Centre for Disabilities and inclusive Education, DEE, SPPU.
Contact number: 02025601323
HRDC office: 91 20 25692022,25601152
Dhananjay Bhole,
Accessibility evangelist,
Cell: +919850123212
LinkedIn profile:

Event Starts: 
Thursday, July 11, 2019 - 15:39
Event Ends: 
Friday, August 23, 2019 - 15:39
Centre for Disabilities and inclusive Education, DEE, SPPU.
Event Location: 
Thursday, July 11, 2019 - 15:45 to Friday, August 23, 2019 - 15:45

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