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Computer programming course

Wed, 03/15/2017 - 15:14 -- geeta.nair

Vision-Aid, a non profit serving the visually disadvantaged,  is back with an exciting program to teach Python programming.  After successfully completing a pilot for teaching computer programming for the visually impaired in 2016, we are thrilled to offer an even more comprehensive program in 2017.

The program will run for 9 months in three sessions - beginner, intermediate, advanced. Each session will be 12 weeks long. During this program, the students will be introduced to computer science and programming concepts using Python, one of the most popular languages for getting started with computer programming.

No prior computer programming experience is necessary but certain pre-requisites do apply. Vision-Aid will conduct an assessment and enroll students at the appropriate level. The Vision-Aid program will use material given to us by MIT Boston and other leading universities in USA. Students in this Vision-Aid program will learn from the experts in the field using the best online learning resources. The classes will be offered over SKYPE. Each student will be paired with a teacher who will work with the student to guide them through the course material.

Vision-Aid is pleased to offer this course free of cost to the  students. However, each admitted student will be expected to pay an advance deposit of Rs. 500. If the student attends classes regularly and completes a 12-week module, the deposit will be fully refunded. The purpose of the deposit is to encourage students to stay committed to the course and complete it. There is no minimum passing grade required for the refund - we only expect regular and sincere participation to be eligible for the full refund.

We believe in training the students so they can be lifelong learners, and reach their highest potential. We encourage and guide our students to participate in Hackathons such as the Shaastra>, IIT Madras Tech Festival in Chennai.   Students who complete the course, will be eligible to participate in a hackathon for the visually impaired, at the Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai (all travel and lodging expenses will be taken care of). Vision-Aid will also provide scholarships to qualified students, to cover the cost of completing certification for a programming course online from MIT.  (For a short film about the 2017 hackathon in IIT, please click on the link below)

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Nine Months
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For Visually Impaired
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0- 500
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