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Computerised Talking Dictionary Software

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Each Dictionary carries more than 4,00,000 words. For each word it gives different accurate meanings, audio pronounciations, appropriate examples, various synonyms, antonyms, history and grammatical description with pictorial explanation.

Dictionary can work with in other software(s) like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and also with Internet, e-mails or any windows based software, etc. 

These dictionaries are very useful while reading, writing, speaking, listening or translating.

i) 'English-Hindi' Talking Dictionary: Rupees 499 ii) 'Hindi-English' Talking Dictionary: Rupees 499 iii) 'English-Marathi' Talking Dictionary: Rupees 499 iv) 'Marathi-English' Talking Dictionary: Rupees 499 v) 'English-English' Talking Dictionary: Rupees
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