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Develop grit to face world head-on: Guv to students

Wed, 10/04/2017 - 10:48 -- geeta.nair

Tribune News Service


Srinagar, October 3

Governor NN Vohra and First Lady Usha Vohra inaugurated Satya Devi Resources Centre for Visually Impaired at Delhi Public School, Srinagar.


Vijay Dhar, chairman of the school, Kiran Dhar and a number of eminent citizens of the town were present on the occasion.


Qurat-ul-Ain, in-charge of the centre, who herself is visually impaired, gave a presentation about the objectives and activities of the centre. The Governor and the First Lady visited the school’s Special Education Needs Centre where they interacted with the faculty and the students and learnt about the therapeutic activities which they were undertaking to be able to better manage their impairments and also gain skills.


They visited the Atal Innovation Laboratory where students apprised them about varied innovations which they had been able to carry out.


Addressing the students and the faculty of the school, the Governor complimented the management for running the resource centre which was carrying out valuable education and capacity-building of the differently abled persons. He complimented the centre’s in charge for her confidence and ability to manage various activities being carried out there while at the same time also pursuing her own higher studies and interest in music and fine arts.

The Governor announced financial support of Rs 2 lakh for the strengthening of the Satya Devi Resources Centre and hoped that it would enlarge its admission.

Recalling the counter-terrorist operation which took place in this school a few months ago when the terrorist took refuge in the administrative block, the Governor urged the students to develop the grit to face a world full of problems. The Governor observed that today there were a few areas in the world which were not facing one or the other unrest.

“India is a large country which has its own problems, but we should join hands and ensure that inimical factors, internal and external, are not allowed to damage our socio-religious traditions and communal harmony,” he added.

“Under no circumstances we should let problems take a toll of our education schedules,” the Governor said.

“The students of the state, particularly girls, are extremely bright and talented and it is our responsibility to provide our children a stimulating environment which provides them advantage and a positive edge in this age of high competition,” he said.

He added that a well-aware society was capable of establishing institutions which were efficient and welfare oriented.

The Governor congratulated the students and the teachers of the school for their outstanding achievements in all fields. The students presented the school prayer and an instrumental music programme on the occasion.

The Governor and the First Lady met sports achievers of the school — Sairah Zahoor and Shaifa Tak — both won gold medals in the National Thang Tha Championship that was held at Hyderabad this year, Afreen Hyder, who won bronze medal in the 1st Women International Taekwondo Championship held in Nepal this year and Yousuf Gul for his achievements in various national and international skiing competitions.

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