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Digital Accessibility Testing Training program

Fri, 07/05/2019 - 14:36 -- geeta.nair

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An Exciting Program from Vision-Aid.

 Digital Accessibility testing training Course for the Visually Challenged.

 This highly subsidised course  leads to course Completion certificate from
Deque University.

Applications for  August 2019 session is open till 20th July 2019.

Limited Enrollment.  Apply soon!


Are you a blind or visually impaired person who wants to learn the latest technology and employment oriented skill in IT space? Vision-Aid is launching an exciting program to teach Digital Accessibility Testing.
 Please review this message carefully to note the details on program and > admissions policy.
Why you should join?
 The IT revolution in India has created many jobs in this space, that were  non-existent earlier. It is a sector which is ideally suited for the  visually impaired. Many technological advancements, development of special
screen reader software and assistive devices have made training and  performance of tasks easier than before.To meet the growing demand, there  is a real need for quality training programs for the visually impaired and  people with disabilities in general to pursue job opportunities with the  help of standardized curriculum and a mentoring program on Accessibility  Testing that would result in professional certification, and employment
 within the IT industry.

The  course begins in first week of August- 2019 and ends in 
November-2019.  The course will run for around 16 weeks.

 Course Fees:.

The course is being offered at a highly subsidised fee of Rs.2500/-, to be  paid at the time of admission. Upon successful completion of the course  students have the option of applying for a scholarship to get a complete
 refund of the fees.

Course details.

1. This is a virtual class . The class will have 10 - 15 students. Students can participate from their own homes using Zoom.

2. The class timings will be 2 hours duration on Saturdays ( exact timings will be intimated later.).

3. Guidance and monitoring on homework, assignments and practical assessments will be on weekdays.

4.  Students are required to submit all weekly  homework assignments on time. Only a teacher can recommend an extension if needed for special > cases, in consultation with the program coordinator.

How to apply

Please fill out the form below.  Admission of qualified students is on first come first serve basis. You are encouraged to apply early if you are  really interested! Fill out the entire form carefully, answering all
questions. Incomplete forms may result in the application being rejected or delayed.

Click the link below for applying.



Type of Service: 
Trainings Covered: 
Medium of Instruction: 
Eligibity Criteria: 
People who are vision impaired and have minimal educational qualification of a bachelor's degree in any stream.
Trainings Provided at: 
Established Date: 

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