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Dolphin Supernova Access Suite

Dolphin SuperNova Access Suite is unique in providing three ways to access any Windows PC and its applications.
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Quick Overview


Dolphin SuperNova Access Suite is unique in providing three ways to access any Windows PC and its applications.
It is the ultimate access software, that aids the vision impaired, from low vision to the blind, to use the computer to read or write documents, shop online or access emails using Magnification, Speech & Braille.
Choose what works best for you - magnification, speech, Braille or a combination of all three. With Supernova Access Suite, you don't require three different products as magnifier, screen reader or Braille.
SuperNova Access Suite gives absolute flexibility, reliability and choice whether you're writing documents, shopping online, sending emails or looking for total accessibility in a public environment.



Screen Magnifier and Visual


  1. Magnification from 2x to 60x
  2. 8 Magnifier Views
  3. Fractional Magnification
  4. Multiple Monitor Support
  5. True Fonts Text Smoothing
  6. Line View
  7. Doc Reader
  8. Hooked Areas
  9. 24 Preset Colour Schemes or Create your Own
  10. Color Replacement
  11. Highlighting Options (Mouse, Cursor, Focus, Read From Here, Dolphin Cursor)
  12. Big Mouse Pointers
  13. Change Colour and Thickness of Magnifier View Border
  14. Overview Mode
  15. Margin Release
  16. Panning
  17. Advanced Mouse, Cursor, Focus Tracking Options

Screen Reader/Speech


  1. High Quality Human Voices Included
  2. Indian English Accent Voice and Hindi Language Option
  3. Choice of Character Echo, Word echo etc.
  4. Adjust voice, speed and volume
  5. Text Style Announcements
  6. Announce Text Under Mouse
  7. Click and Read From Here
  8. Speech when Form Filling on webpages
  9. Dolphin Cursor
  10. Quick Navigation Keys
  11. Item Finder
  12. Preset Verbosity Schemes
  13. Create Bespoke Verbosity Settings



  1. Supports a wide range of Serial, USB & Bluetooth Braille Displays
  2. Computer & Literary Braille, Grades 1 & 2
  3. Supports Physical & Logical Braille
  4. Literary Braille input
  5. Braille Verbosity Schemes
  6. Show Braille on Screen



  1. Fully accessible control panel
  2. Magnification and Speech on Log on
  3. Application Settings
  4. Situation Settings
  5. Setup Wizard
  6. Updates available via the Internet
  7. Supports Dolphin Scripts
  8. CAPS LOCK + F1 Dolphin Help
  9. Launch Pad


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