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FAQ Accessible Mobile

  1. Is there any accessible mobile for a visually impaired person?

Ans- Yes, Phones that have the following OS are accessible - Android (kitKat, Lollipop version) and iOS- iPhone.

2.  Will I have to download software (Talkback/ Ease of Access)?
Ans-   no, an inbuilt software is present; there is no need to download. TalkBack/ Ease of Access are Accessibility Services for the blind and visually impaired users to interact with their devices in an easy manner. The application adds spoken, audible and vibration feedback to your device. TalkBack provides spoken feedback as you navigate around the screen, by describing your actions and informing you of any notifications. 

3. How do I configure the settings for Talkback/Ease of Access?
Ans- Setting => Accessibility ->Talkback or Ease of access => Turn on.

4. What is the function of Talkback/Ease of Access?
Ans- It provides audio output by single or double tap. You can receive calls, can   make a call, read message, can type message, In addition, it provides the current date and time and current battery level etc.

5.  What languages does Talkback/Ease of Access speak?
Ans- English, Hindi and foreign languages.
Talkback/ Ease of Access speak English by-default.  For Hindi we need to configure the setting,
Setting => Accessiblity => Text to speech output => Language=> Hindi (India). You can download Hindi language   from here.

6. Are these mobiles available with a keypad? Mention the mobiles that are available.
Ans- No, however external keyboard is available, that one can connect through Bluetooth with the phone.

7. What are the options available for low vision users?
Ans- For low vision users,

  1. Font size- You can select different font size.

Setting => Display => Font size or you can find it in accessibility also.
(ii)        Magnification Gestures – When this feature is turned on, you can zoom in and out.
Setting => Accessiblity => Magnification gestures
(iii) Reverse contrast/Negative color
Setting => Accessibility => Reverse contrast/ Negative color
After enabling this feature, it gives an opposite color like black will change in white.

8.  Where could I purchase these phones?-
Ans   You could find it in both physical stores and on-line (Snap deal, Amazon, Flipkart).

9.  When I visit a mobile shop, what are the features to look out for?
Ans   The main features, that you could look for are Ram, KitKat/Lollipop version and internal memory.
Ram >= 1 GB, Kit-Kat version >= 4.4.4 version, or Lollipop>= 5.0 version and internal memory >= 8 GB

10.  What is an iPhone? Is it accessible?
Ans   iPhone is manufactured by Apple, iPhone 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6 and 6S are touch-screen phones that come with a built-in screen reader called Voiceover, and a screen magnifier, called Zoom. They can be used immediately without installing extra software, and they support Bluetooth refreshable braille displays.
IiPhone 4S and later models have a feature called Siri which acts as a voice-activated personal assistant in your pocket. You can ask questions like "What's the weather like in Manchester today?" and it provides the answer. You can also ask it to schedule appointments, send texts and emails.

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