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Fatima Soriano- Living with blindness for a purpose - by Monalinda Cadiz

Living with blindness for a purpose - by Monalinda Cadiz
Blind-at-birth Fatima Soriano from the Philippines was only 9 years old when her kidneys stopped functioning. Even then, it was clear to her that she was born for a purpose. The young girl believes on a higher being that is in control of all life, someone bigger than her current circumstance or the challenges she will ever face. 
“Gratitude is the best attitude. I always choose to be thankful for everything and everyone, anything and anyone that comes. Success or setbacks, fulfillment or failures, even mistakes….when you are in a constant state of gratefulness, nothing can or will really shake you that much anymore, because you are aware of the fact that there is something greater than you….a force beyond your control that…reminds you that nothing and no one in this life is really under your control. Stop expecting and start accepting. That's how we accomplish what needs to be accomplished and do what needs to be done.” Thus says Fatima, now 22 year-old after a successful kidney transplant 11 years ago.
Seemingly providential, it was when she was suffering from her kidney disease that opportunities to fulfill what would eventually be her life’s mission opened up for her. One night, when she phoned-in through an inspirational radio show she liked listening to as she waited for her late night dialysis session, the wisdom of Fatima was first heard on-air. The message of hope by the young blind woman now reaches and inspires many through radio, television and personal appearances. Over the past years, she made a name for herself as a recording artist cum composer of religious songs, a national radio show host, a motivational speaker, and there are also accounts she has the gift of healing. She has received various awards for her work, the most especial for her was the highest award given by the Catholic Church. 

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