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Guide Coordinator - ACE Experiences Asia Private Limited, Hyderabad

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The Guide Coordinator is a visually impaired person (legally blind) and liaises competently between guides and Dialogue in the Dark managers. The work entails information flow, quality control of guiding, training for new guides. 


Under Graduate: Any Graduate

Post Graduate: Any Postgraduate

Customer Service
Helpdesk information
Telephony support
Customer relationship
Access controls
Vendor Management
Asset Management

Company Profile:

ACE Experiences Asia Private Limited, Hyderabad


  1. To bring one-of-a-kind entertaining and transformational experiences to India.
  2. To captivate people through Art, Culture and Entertainment and deepen their understanding of themselves and the world around them.
  3. To offer experiences that enable people to appreciate diversity, empathise with others, and develop individual social responsibility.
  4. To develop employment opportunities for the differently abled.

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ACE Experiences Asia Private Limited
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Private sector

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