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HINDI OCR- Text Recognition for Hindi Documents

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Low to Zero Vision

Quick Overview

HindiOCR converts printed Hindi texts into rich-text documents (RTF) in Devanagari-Unicode encoding. HindiOCR yields accurate results for a wide range of modern Hindi fonts without training, saving the time otherwise needed to type Devanagari texts.
Available in two versions: Standard and Professional


  1. Over 99% recognition accuracy on the character level in well printed documents.

  2. Built-in classifiers for the 180 most popular Hindi-Devanagari letters and ligatures - no training necessary!

  3. About 9 seconds per page on a standard desktop computer.

  4. Unicode output in Devanagari.

  5. Export of recognized text as Unicode-RTF.

  6. Hindi lexicographic information for improved recognition results.

  7. Training option for unusual and rare fonts.

  8. Processes standard image formats (bmp, jpg, png, tiff, gif).

  9. Works on Windows XP® and Windows 7®

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Abby Software House Chandigarh


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Saksham Trust Delhi

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