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Horizon A3 Scanner

Horizon A3 Scanner with motion sensing technology & 16 megapixel
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Horizon A3 Scanner

Horizon A3 Scanner with motion sensing technology & 16 megapixel


Camera: The scanner uses a 16 mega pixel high resolution camera which guarantees images of the best resolution and thus provides best OCR results for A3 size books.

Book placement: The scanner provides a solid plastic table top for the placement of books.

Quality: The scanner is very sturdy and the chances of it's moving or falling is negligible because:

a)    It has rubber pads on the bottom which provides a strong grip.
b)    Camera tower is fixed inside the plastic base and is made of aluminium alloy

Speed: Scanning speed of 16 A4 pages in 1 minute (including the page turning, motion sensing and capturing time)

Precision: Motion detection in the software assures that you get a clear and a blur free image every time you scan.

Saving: You can save your scanned book in PDF format and can be opened again for editing and continuation of scanning.

Software: The software has been developed in such a way that a visually impaired person can scan the book independently without any difficulty.
Speed: Scan big size books in high resolution in quick time.
File: Your whole book gets saved in 1 PDF file.
OCR: You can use any OCR software like Lex, FineReader etc for recognition of the book.
Cost: It is highly cost effective as other scanners of such quality are very expensive.
The price of the product is Rs. 40,000/-.
It is exclusively available with Sparsh Products only. Please contact us if anyone wishes to purchase the same. In case of any query or information required please let us know.


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Rs. 40000/-
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