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Hosting national level essay braille competition for upcoming Louis Braille day

RSGE "Responsible State Government VI Employees"
WhatsApp group, which is working for the empowerment of visually impaired state government employees of Karnataka through information.
(Responsible state government employees of Karnataka with vision impairment) WhatsApp group.
Sub: hosting national level essay brail competition for upcoming Louis Braille day
To know more about us, kindly download RSGE app from place store.
A thought that might be considered an inimitable and new provoked us to step into new direction which could mark the beginning of new era for visually impaired community. As we all know, New Year mark the beginning of new thing, indicator of auspicious day and start of various new period. For
analytical and historical reasons if we trace back the definition of New Year, Gregorian calendar propounds first January at the global level;
yugadi at regional level as the start of New Year. Braille was the invention which laid a foundation to construct new avenue to drive visually impaired community from the dark of helpless to the light of hopes. Brail proved to be a bass for all other Consequent developments to promote the welfare of
our community. Hence, R.S.G.E decided to celebrate international Braille day as the new year of visually impaired community. Various programs were held in our WhatsApp group from fourth January 2018 (birth day of Louie Braille) to 6 January 2018 (a day when Louis Braille renounced the world). Admin team
would like to thank for those of you gave us an overwhelming response for our effort. For the upcoming New Year, we wish to include our visually impaired friends staying at different parts of our country, who are not our group members. In order to fulfil the above stated aspiration we decided to host national level Braille Essay competition.

About the competition:
This will be a national level competition and participants are given the option of choosing any one out of three languages, Kannada, Hindi and English.
2. Participants will be divided in to two groups.
a. First group will comprise of students and those who are studying at different levels of various academic disciplines after high school, students pursuing P.U.C, diploma, I.T.I, and those who are undergoing graduation, post-graduation of any age are permitted to take part.
b. Second category is a general category. Any visually impaired person who does not belong to first category will be allowed to take part.
There is going to be specific subjects to each category, and participants are needed to send essays only on those subjects assigned to their respective category.
c. Once a participant felt, that his or her essay is ready, it needs to be sent to us through post.
Subjects for essay.
For category 1/student category:
Problems faced by visually impaired students at various academic levels and corrective measures, role of students themselves and government to resolve those problems.
For category 2:
In the field of employment, along with skill development, several other problems faced by visually impaired employees and job aspirants. What are the corrective measures? And Role of employees, job aspirants themselves, government and non-governmental organizations to resolve those problems.
A good essay must focus on following aspects.
An essay must be well organized, clear, directly relates to the subject.
A participant who is writing an essay need to frame clear sentences and must not use those terms that gives indefinite and duel meaning.
Rules of the competition.
A participant can write essay in any one language Kannada, Hindi, or in English and on only one subject.
Use of objectionable/abusing language, unhealthy criticism, insulting, disgracing of any person, community, and association/organization is strictly prohibited.
Excluding home page, total page limit of 12 pages is applicable to both the category. In case of using wooden slate and a guide total number of braille sheets must not exceed 8.
On the top of the right-hand side of each page should include page number, and pages must neatly tagged in a right order.
It is the responsibility of a participant to take all necessary measures to preserve the quality of brail sheets and dots till it reach us.
Only those paper sheets which are good enough to facilitate to sustain and preserve brail dots are to be used.
It is mandatory to write essay’s only in Brail. At any stage, participant cannot adopt unacceptable form of writing with regard to essay. If found any such suspects admin team has full powers to verify and reject them without any further notice.
A participant needs to follow each and every rule mentioned above. If any participant fails to do so, admin team is free to take any decision. If found necessary, admin team has all rights to modify this announcement/notice.
Special instructions.
Use the first page to fill following personal information: name, place, and date, category of participation, personal address and phone number.
Those participants taking part in first/students category need to attach valid identification card obtained from their educational organizations/institutions.
It is mandatory to provide all above information and this page is not accountable for page limit.
First disember is the last date to send the essays through post to the addresses which will be mentioned below.
It is mandatory to send through register post by stating “free matter for the blind” to avail free postal service.
Separate addresses are notified to send English, Hindi and Kannada essays.
Address to send Kannada documents:
Shivakumar RC, first division assistant, nanjangud sub-treasury nanjangud taluk, Mysore 571302.
Address to send English and Hindi documents:
Jagadeesh R.
No.63, Santhosh nilaya, first cross, sidedahalli mainroad, S.R layout, nagasandra post, bonemill, Bangalore 560073.
For any assistance in Kannada over phone: 9844401284, 9900946451.
For any assistance in English over phone: 9739021181, 8073183323.
Including all three languages, there will be two prizes for each category.
There will be one special prize for each language.

Event Starts: 
Thursday, November 29, 2018 - 11:36
Event Ends: 
Sunday, January 6, 2019 - 11:36
RSGE "Responsible State Government VI Employees"
Event Location: 
RSGE "Responsible State Government
Contact Name: 
9844401284, 9900946451
Contact Phone: 
9844401284, 9900946451.
Thursday, November 29, 2018 - 11:30 to Sunday, January 6, 2019 - 11:30
RSGE "Responsible State Government, first cross, sidedahalli mainroad, S.R layout, nagasandra post, bonemill, Bangalore 560073.

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