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Ibsar served 875 visually impaired persons last year

Wed, 07/01/2015 - 10:29 -- geeta.nair
Ibsar served 875 visually impaired persons last year

JEDDAH — The honorary president of Ibsar Prince Talal Bin Abdul Aziz has donated SR1 million to the association to help it pay off its loans and continue its services of providing help to the visually impaired people and their families. For the same cause his son, Prince Khaled Bin Talal donated SR500,000.   

The Society for Rehabilitation and Service of Visual Impairment, Prince Khaled said, has started an individual initiative that specializes in proving care and support visually impaired individuals and aims at enhancing the services provided to them.

Prince Khaled was speaking at the 12th general assembly meeting of Ibsar Charitable Association here Monday.  

He elaborated that the Kingdom has to benefit from people registered at these associations as they are keen to join the job market. 

He called on the minister of social affairs to give attention and care to these individuals.

The chairman of the board of directors of Ibsar, Mohammad Ahmad Ali, noted that they are increasing awareness about the human resources and are enhancing the programs provided. 

He noted that they have also finalized the technical and financial studies of Ibsar Charity Village, a village that will provide various services to visually impaired people, including health and entertainment services, and will help them integrate into the society. Further studies include the development of the current Ibsar building.

Ibsar was able to increase the awareness among the public about its efforts, and it was able to increase the number of people benefiting from its services who add up now to 875 person.

Further, Ibsar has allocated a specified section at King Fahad general library. 

Ibsar has also organized its 8th training course on the clinical care provided for visually impaired people, and up to 34 doctors attended the session.


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