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IIT Bombay alumni launch Tactopus – one of its kind ‘smart’ audio-tactile learning resources for visually impaired children

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Tactopus brings to the world accessible interactive tangible learning
experiences for children.

Bengaluru: Co-founded by Chandni Rajendran and Saloni Mehta, designers from IIT Bombay, Tactopus  rings to the world  multi-sensory and engaging learning experiences  for children, especially designed for the needs of children with  vision loss.   The books are supported by a namesake app  that explains what the child is exploring in the tactile book with his/her fingers through appropriate sound labels. Although primarily designed for children with visual impairment, these products are extremely useful for children with developmental delays and learning disabilities.

The tactile product range includes:

·       My Counting Book & Cards:  Focused on counting of basic numbers (0 - 9) with tactile objects and corresponding number cards. An interactive activity book of numbers that facilitates fun and independent learning with instant feedback for the child.  Price – INR 1,999.

·       What makes you special?:  Focused on introducing the animal kingdom to kids. As the child feels the animal through his/her fingers - the app supplements it with sounds and facts about the animal.  Price  –  INR1,999

·       Children's Nursery Rhymes:  A bundle of 8 rhyme cards - each with a nursery rhyme that plays on the app when scanned.  Price  -  INR 850

Speaking about Tactopus, co-founder Chandni Rajendran says, “In India, every 1 child among 1000  is visually impaired. For these children to comprehend topics like the water cycle or the relative distance between two states becomes extremely difficult without tactile graphics. Even if they have access to them, they are dependent on an adult or a teacher to run over them. Tactopus was born out of the need to bridge this gap. After understanding the needs of the children through thorough research we’ve created an interactive audio companion that can be accessed through a smartphone app and encourage a visually impaired child to learn independently”.

“The vision of our company is to make early learning accessible and affordable for children through tactile graphics and an audio software. We are striving to make education more inclusive, accessible, enriching and interactive through universal design tools. By using a simple, inexpensive phone camera, we hope to make it affordable and accessible for all and thereby, level the playing field for visually impaired children. This is just the beginning. We are constantly working on new products using our unique offering”, added co-founder Saloni Mehta.

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