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Insight', an English quarterly magazine in Braille

Insight', an English quarterly magazine in Braille We at Mitra Jyothi and Radio Udaan are pleased to initiate the publication of 'Insight', an English quarterly magazine in Braille. 'Insight' will be a unique platform that will offer a wide variety of informative reading and present you with an opportunity to express yourself and share with your community of visually impaired friends. 'Insight'will be a community driven magazine, and you can play an important role as a reader, writer, and content contributor. It will have articles written by visually impaired people themselves as well as articles from other sources. If you wish to contribute by sharing your thoughts or experiences, or have read something interesting that you would like us to publish, then 'Insight' offers just that space for you. We will help you with the review and editing to make the article print-ready. To make a submission for the milestone first issue of the magazine, please email your contribution to by 31st May, 2016. The following topics will be featured in the magazine. Please feel free to make a submission for any of the topics. In case the article is from another source, please include reference of the source. 1. From around the world/Happenings/Top stories: This will have short two-line descriptions of some of the most important happenings from around the world, including sports, world events, award ceremonies, etc. 2. The Motivators: This will have two narrations about achievers among us, and two stories of people anywhere in the world who have been or could be an inspiration for us. 3. Technology: This will have technical solutions, reviews of gadgets and mobile apps, tips and tricks that may act as an enabler in the life of visually impaired people. 4. Entertainment-movie and music reviews and updates: This will have reviews and recommendations of movies, music albums, or other avenues of entertainment. Additionally, it may also include news from the world of entertainment. 5. Health and Science: This will have useful information such as home remedies, common practices to stay healthy, etc. It may also have the latest news from the world of science and health taken from featured journals/magazines. 6. News and updates provided by Mitra Jyothi and radio Udaan: In this corner we present most relevant information from the world of disability and government schemes, as well as initiatives started by us. 7. General Knowledge: This will provide some mind jogging fun through quick, snappy questions and answers that are not only interesting, but also challenge your wit. 8. Lifestyle –Recipes, reviews, grooming and beauty tips: This will have kitchen tips and tricks, recipes, and other related titbits. It will also have reviews of restaurants and other eating places. Additionally, it will contain body care, grooming and beauty tips for both men and women. 9. Reader’s corner / Short stories written by readers: This will provide an opportunity for writers among us to express their sensitivity, imagination and creative expression through short stories. 10. Expressions in verse / poetry This will be a collection of expression of poetic talent of people among us, as well as humourous and motivational one liners.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2016 - 11:41
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Tuesday, May 31, 2016 - 11:41
Mitra Jyothi
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Tuesday, May 17, 2016 - 11:45

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