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Karnataka State Schemes for Persons with Disabilities by Department for the empowerment of differently abled and Senior Citizen

1.   State Disability pension

The disability pension is administered by the revenue department of Karnataka and is termed as monthly maintenance allowance. There are two categories of allowance one is given to those who have disability below 75 % and are given Rs 400 per month. Those persons with disabilities who have above 75% disability are given Rs 1000 per month. This is fusion of Indira Gandhi National Disability Pension Scheme.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Family income should be less than Rs 11,500/- per anum and Rs 24000 per anum in Rural as well  as in urban area respectively.
  2.  Resident of  Karnataka at least  since last 10 years
  3.  Above 16 years (some amendment is in the process to remove the age limit)

 Documents required

  1.  Income proof
  2.  Disability certificate
  3. Three Passport size photo
  4. Address proof

Procedure for application

 Application form can be obtained from the Tahsildar of each block or from the district disabled welfare office at the district head quarters and submit at the same place. 

Mode of payment

The monthly amount will be credited to the bank saving account of the applicant.
Note: Application form is attached.

2.  Bus concession

People with complete vision loss gets grant of free travelling in the city services, suburban and Mofussil express buses after producing identity cum free. There is no provision of concession to their escort/attendant. 

Eligibility criteria

  1.   100% blindness or sight loss
  2.    Resident of Karnataka
  3.    Exemption from  maximum limit of family income

Documents required

  1. Resident proof
  2.  Disability certificate
  3.  Two passport size photo
  4.  Procedure for application

Applicant has to apply to District Welfare Officer attached to the Dy. Director, women and child development department at the district level and then approach to the KSRTC. Transport department will issue the bus pass.
Note: Application form is attached.

3.  Educational scholarship

 The state of Karnataka provides educational scholarship for 10 months in each academic year. As per the government order no. WG CHW: 404: PHP : 2001,Bangalore dated 4/9/2001 the current effective rates of monthly scholarship  for V.I are followings.
a)   Class 1st to 5th std.: Amount is Rs 50 /-per month
b)   6th -10th std :Amount is Rs100/-per month
c)    11th and 12th std: amount is Rs 150/- per month
d)    Degree: Amount is Rs 200/- per month
e)    Professional course and trainings: Amount is Rs 250/- per month
a)     Master course: Amount is Rs 300/-per month

Eligibility criteria

  1.   Passing marks in previous annual examination.
  2.   Above 40 disability
  3.   No need of giving family income. There is exemption from maximum income limit.
  4.    Resident of Karnataka state

Documents required

  1.   Disability certificate
  2.    Previous year mark sheet
  3.    esident proof

Procedure for applications

Applicant can approach to prinicple of  school/college /institutions respectively. For further details contact District Welfare Officer.

Mode of payment

The annual amount will be credited to the saving account of the student.
Note: application form is attached.

4. Prize money scheme for meritorious students with disabilities

 In order to recognize and encourage the academic ability of disabled students, the state government, offers a cash prize to those who secure more than 60 % marks in public examinations such as Secondary school living certificate (SSLC) , Pre University Course, graduation & post graduation degree like M.A/ etc.(table is given below).Reference: GO. wide no. SWL 162 PHS 91 dated 30-9-1991 for further information.

Table: 1.2 Particulars of cash amount for the various examination:


Rs 500/-


Rs 750/-


Rs 1,000/-


Rs 1,200/-

Eligibility Criteria

        1.  Disability 40%  and above
         2.  60 % marks in the above mentioned exam

Documents required

  1. Disability certificate

        2.  Copy of Mark sheet

Procedure for application

 Applicant should approach to Assistant director, Department of Women and Child Development in every district, usually in the month of September every year.

5.  Unemployment allowance: This scheme is not yet implemented in the state.
6.   Incentive for marriage between disabled and non-disabled: This scheme hitherto is not being implemented in the state.

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