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Kerala’s Vaikom Vijayalakshmi becomes the first to play Gayatri Veena for 5 hours, sets a new world record!

Fri, 03/10/2017 - 11:01 -- geeta.nair

The only one who can stop YOU from succeeding is YOU! You don’t need to be perfect to achieve your dreams – all you need is the passion to make it happen. This is what Kerala’s singer Vaikom Vijayalakshmi has proved. There is probably no Malayali who has not heard of playback singer Vaikom Vijayalakshmi. This visually-impaired singer brings alive the beauty of music to her listeners. She sings a range of Malayalam songs from old to classical. She had no formal training in music but learned different ragas by singing and listening to the audio tapes of Kerala’s iconic singer KJ Yesudas.

Did we mention that Vaikom Vijayalakshmi has set a new world record yesterday by playing 67 songs continuously on the Gayatri Veena at an event in Kochi?

Initially, local reports indicated that she had planned to sing about fifty songs but as she got started, there was no stopping her on the Gayatri Veena!

At a time when youth love ‘peppy, fast numbers,’ Vaikom Vijayalakshmi sings songs that are melodious, old classics that have been sung before and yet when she sings it, you want to sing with her. That the new generation Malayalis also love and enjoy Vaikom Vijayalakshmi’s music is what gives her an edge. While she does nothing to woo young Malayalis, they flock to her.

Coming from a humble background, this singer braved all odds by committing herself to hours of practice and not giving up. Recently, she called off her marriage and she termed it as her own decision. This is because the groom’s family began to change their stance on issues they had initially agreed on.

The groom had reportedly agreed initially that he would live in her home but later, his family seemed to imply otherwise. Vaikom Vijayalakshmi called off her marriage. Weeks after, she has set a new world record, leaving Malayalis in a tizzy.

The big question that her fans are asking is this: What new world record is Vaikom Vijayalakshmi set to conquer next? Clearly, this is just the beginning for Vaikom Vijayalakshmi, there is more to come!

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