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Kurzweil 1000

Visual Impairment Level: 
Low to Zero vision

Kurzweil 1000 is reading software that makes printed or electronic text accessible to people who are blind. It converts a PC and scanner into a highly advanced version of the revolutionary reading machine invented by Ray Kurzweil in 1976., , Using Optical Character Recognition and Text to Speech technology combined with a unique audible user interface, Kurzweil 1000 converts the printed word into speech. It has the capability to read the words in a variety of life-like voices. Users can scan in books, articles, bills, and advertisements - almost anything that fits on a scanner, so they can quickly have the information read aloud. Moreover, the text can be saved in Kurzweil's accessible format for future reference and modification. , , Kurzweil 1000 also retrieves information online with an exclusive set of features that simplify locating, downloading and reading electronic books and magazines from the Web. In addition, it takes reading on the road by sharing electronic information with MP3 players, portable devices such as Book Courier, Braille printers, as well as conventional e-mail applications.

In US Dollars: 995; In Indian Rupees: not available
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