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Aladdin Classic

The Classic is a black and white video magnifier designed for use by people who have visual impairments (including "legal blindness") which make it difficult or impossible for them to read ordinary printed materials., , Utilizing the easy-to-use picture control selector, the Classic can display your printed materials in high-contrast black text on a white background or white text on a black background. The white text on black or negative image is ideal for glare reduction.

VERA Reading Machine

This elegant wooden stand-alone reading machine is designed for those who are blind or with low vision who want to continue reading easily and independently. The VERA System takes a picture of your printed material with its scanner and then reads the text in crisp, clear speech through an internal synthesizer. You can also view it on a computer monitor or television in large format. VERA's easy to understand keypad has large keys with colorful tactile markings and intuitive placement.

Simon Reading Machine

The Simon reading machine is the world's lightest. This elegant and powerful device represents the culmination of two decades of experience in designing and manufacturing assistive devices, widely used and known by Robotron’s blind and vision-impaired customers all over the world. , , This remarkable reading machine combines all the attributes one should look for in a reading machine: speed, reading accuracy, simplicity of use, low weight and small size.


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Revathy needs no introduction to movie-goers in India. A highly respected actress, she has aligned herself with disability causes and is closely associated with the Chennai-based Ability Foundation. She was instrumental in organising a wonderful film festival, included in which was an innovative '60 seconds to fame' competition on 'Inclusion'.


The ScannaR is a flat–bed scanner that will scan any text document and read it back to you in seconds., , Unlike other scan-and-read products, it does not need to be connected to a PC, as it has its own hard drive with room for up to 500,000 pages of text, making it one of the most portable scan-and-read products on the market. , , ScannaR allows you to read anything from letters and brochures to newspapers, reports, books or other print materials, and then save them for future reference.

Portset Reader

vThe Portset Reader is a one box, stand alone, scanner with speech built in, all you do is switch on, wait for the spoken announcement, lift the lid, place your print on the glass, press the start key and within a short time the document will be read to you. There is also a built in floppy drive for the transfer of any scanned document to a computer., , Advances in text recognition technology combined with Portset's high quality speech synthesis makes document reading with the Portset Reader a simple task.


With the Ovation, you can accurately and easily scan and store text of any kind and convert it to adjustable audio-output. The sleek light-weight design and professional carrying case make it easy to transport, so you can access information in a variety of settings. The flatbed-scanner accommodates newspapers, books, magazines and more., , The Ovation features adjustable volume, speed and voice tone make audio playback truly personal. The user can easily move through the document by page, paragraph or sentence.

Galileo Reading Machine

It is famous for its excellent recognition capability, simplicity of use thanks to an intuitive user interface, ability to read in multiple languages with the highest voice quality available, powerful file storage facilities, the ability to read external files and much more. For power, independence, private and ready access to printed and electronic text, Galileo is the tool of choice.


OpenBook allows you to convert printed documents or graphic based text into an electronic text format using accurate optical character recognition and quality speech. OpenBook's many powerful low vision tools allow you to customize how the document appears on your screen, while other features provide portability., , OpenBook provides you with the flexibility to use either of the two leading text to speech software synthesizers: RealSpeak and ViaVoice. RealSpeak features a natural, human-sounding voice that can help enhance your reading experience.

Kurzweil 1000

Kurzweil 1000 is reading software that makes printed or electronic text accessible to people who are blind. It converts a PC and scanner into a highly advanced version of the revolutionary reading machine invented by Ray Kurzweil in 1976., , Using Optical Character Recognition and Text to Speech technology combined with a unique audible user interface, Kurzweil 1000 converts the printed word into speech. It has the capability to read the words in a variety of life-like voices.

Clearview Flex Series

ClearView video magnifiers are ideal for individuals requiring high-power magnification, and for patients requiring magnification for prolonged periods of time. Video magnifiers also provide a larger writing space than other magnification products. The ClearView Flat Screen Series offers up to 50X magnification, on a full color TFT screen. With adjustable monitor arm, the user can position the screen for optimal visibility and comfort - the perfect product for longer durations of use.

ZoomText Version 8.1 - Magnifier

This version of ZoomText includes a Magnifier and Screen Reader in one. Magnifier features : The Magnifier delivers the absolute best in screen magnification... clear images, smooth navigation, ease of use and the highest level of compatibility. With magnification up to 16x, ZoomText enlarges and enhances everything on the screen, making all your applications easy to see and use.

MAGic Screen Magnifier

MAGic helps people with low vision view information on their computer screen while hearing it through their speech synthesizer. MAGic combines state of the art magnification features with a true low vision speech option. The software magnifies screen information, from one to 16 times its normal size. MAGic is easy to use and includes many powerful, versatile features. MAGic's smooth performance and wide array of flexible options help you get the most from your computer.

Lunar Screen Magnifier

If you have some sight, a screen magnifier such as Lunar Screen Magnifier can make the computer screen easier to see by increasing the size of everything on screen, optimising colours and minimising glare. Lunar Screen Magnifier's advanced technology means that even on high magnification, text and images remain smooth, clear and easily readable. Further clarification of activity on-screen is available thanks to strong, high contrast colours.

Aladdin Rainbow Elite

Enjoy reading and writing in rich, full color with premium features at your fingertips. Easy-to-use controls and one-piece design make the Aladdin Rainbow Elite the ultimate solution for color video magnification with auto focus., , With its simple and easy-to-use controls, the Aladdin Rainbow Elite brings back the pleasure of reading newspapers, books, magazines, and novels while restoring independence. View medicine bottles, balance a checkbook, or fill out forms in privacy.

Aladdin Rainbow Pro

The Aladdin Rainbow Pro is the perfect product for those individuals that want a system with full-color but need the versatility of a professional product. Similarly to the Rainbow, the Rainbow Pro offers six settings including full color, black and white, and several selectable foreground and background colors allowing the user to choose which setting best suits his or her individual eye condition. 


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