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Lifestyle App for Disabled Launching on 8th July

Thu, 07/06/2017 - 11:26 -- geeta.nair

India is home to over 100 million persons with disabilities as well as 100 million elderly people. Despite of knowing these facts and figures, there’s little that’s being done to cater to the special needs of these sections of the population. Moreover, in this digital age, multiple applications and information portals help us plan seamless experiences when it comes to travelling and exploring, adding to our social life. However, what about the social life of persons with disabilities and the elderly?
It is close to negligible – firstly, a disabled-friendly infrastructure is yet to dawn upon the Indian subcontinent and secondly, there is lack of information dissemination about the already accessible places.

BillionAbles has taken up this initiative to bring these people on the forefront and attempts to create an inclusive society. We are an organization which is involved in making the life of persons with disabilities more comfortable and convenient by providing information about disabled friendly places and services pan India.
It’s an attempt at levelling the playing field so that this long-ignored segment can go out and have fun, just like the majority of the population.

To ensure a fulfilling social life for disabled community, we are delighted to announce the launch of BillionAbles app which is India’s first Access Guide for persons with special needs, on 8th July 2017.

We invite you to spread the message among your network by pledging a post/tweet by supporting our Thunderclap campaign here


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