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Manipur State Schemes for Persons with Disability by Social Welfare Department

1.  State Disability Pensions

The State of Sikkim is implementing the centrally sponsored scheme called Indira Gandhi National Disability Pension scheme. The Scheme is being implemented through the funds received from Government of India. Under the Scheme an amount of Rs.300 /- per month is paid to persons with Disabilities.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. The eligible person should be in the age group of 18-79 years

  2. Applicant should belongs to the household of  to Below Poverty Line 

  3. Should have 80 % or more disability/multiple disabilities.

  4. Resident of the Manipur

Documents required

  1. Disability certificate

  2. Age certificate

  3. BPL certificate/copy of card

  4. Residence proo

  5. Two passport size photograph attested by the  Gazetted officer

Procedure for application

The applicant needs to visit  District Social welfare Office to apply for the scheme. Prescribed form can be obtained from the same place.

Mode of payment

The pension amount will be credited to the bank saving account of the applicant. Remittance can be monthly or quarterly as per the availability of the funds.

Note: Applicant form is attached

2.  Educational Scholarship

The State of Manipur provides grant of scholarship to all types of disabilities. Under this scheme, Scholarships are awarded to disable persons for education from 1s standard onwards and academic/technical/professional/vocational training.

  Rate of scholarship as per the class/course: 

  1. Class 1st to 8th: Amount is Rs 40/- and Rs 60 /-per month for day scholar and  hosteller    respectively
  2. 9th to 1st year of graduation: Amount is Rs 60/- and Rs 100 /-per month for day scholar and hosteller respectively
  3.  2nd and 3rd year of graduation :Amount is Rs 90/- and Rs 130 /-per month for day scholar and hosteller respectively
  4.  BE/B.Tech/MBBS/LLB/BEd. Diploma in professional and Engineering: Amount is Rs 120/- and Rs.170 /-per month for day scholar and hosteller respectively
  5. M.Sc/M.Cm/M.Ed: Amount is Rs 120/- and Rs 170 /-per month for day scholar and hosteller respectively

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Above 40% disability
  2. Resident of Manipur by birth or a person who has settled in the state for at least 10 years
  3. Applicant should have scored atleast 40% marks in their previous annual examination.
  4. Vocational training courses should be from those vocational training centre/Workshop/ITI or any other centre which are run by the Centre/State Government/Local body or any voluntary organisation or institution recognised by Central/State Govt.
  5. Monthly combined income of the parents of the applicant should not exceed more than Rs 2000/-
  6. A candidate shall not be in receipt of assistance from any other voluntary or State course either in cash or by way of free board or lodging.
  7. Scholarship is not admissible to a candidate who earns an income of exceeding Rs.150/-pm for pursuing parallel course of study for study outside of India for pursuing academic /technical course if applicant has already compelled a conventional course/training 

Documents required

  1. Disability certificate

  2. Income certificate/affidavit

  3. Statement of mark sheet of previous year

  4. Birth certificate

Procedure for application

 The Application should be submitted in prescribed form to the department of social welfare through the head of the Institution/ establishment/ Voluntary Organisation where the candidate is admitted as a student/trainee.

Mode of payment

The annual amount will be given to the applicant by the school authority.

Note: application form is attached.

3.  Unemployment allowance

The state government has provision of giving assistance to the educated unemployed people with disability which administered by the department of social welfare.

Rate of allowance per month:  Employment Allowance will range Rs.100 – 200/- per month to unemployed educated persons with disabilities depending on their qualification. The ranges are shown below

a)      Matriculate & Undergraduate : allowance is Rs. 100/- per month;
b)      Graduate/Diploma in any  technical education: Allowance is Rs. 150/- per month
c)      Post Graduate/Degree in any  technical education: allowance is Rs. 200/- per month

Eligibility criteria

  1. Above 40% disability
  2. Resident of Manipur by birth or a person who has settled in the state for at least 10 years
  3. Applicant must be registered with Special Employment Exchange for more than 2 year.
  4. The person should be in the age group of 18-45 years
  5. The annual family income of the disabled person applying for Unemployment Allowance should not be more than Rs. 60,000/-(Income certificate to this effect will have to be submitted).
  6. While enjoying the benefits (unemployment allowance), if the person starts getting other source of income, the allowance will be cancelled with immediate effect

Documents required           

  1.  Disability Certificate (Issued by the State Medical Board for Disability Certificate)

  2. Photographs (3 copies)

  3. Income Certificate (Issued by District collector/SDC/SDO)

  4. Last examination certificate

  5. Copy of Employment exchange registration Card

  6. Age proof certificate

  7. Unemployed certificate by any Gazetted Officer

Procedure for application

Application should be made in the prescribed form through the Directorate of Social Welfare, (Disability Cell), Govt. of Manipur.

Mode of payment

The Director, Social Welfare Department, Govt. of Manipur, shall be the sanctioning authority. Payment will be made in cash to the beneficiaries. In case the disabled person is unable to collect the allowance, it may be collected by the guardian or relatives producing an authorization letter duly signed by the beneficiary.
Note: Application from is attached

4.  Bus concession : No update from the deprtament of the Social Welfare of the state about t​he bus concession. 

5.   Incentive for marriage between disabled and non-disabled scheme is not available in the state 

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