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COVID-19: Maharashtra govt launches helpline to address mental health concerns COVID-19: Maharashtra govt launches helpline to address mental health concerns The COVID-19 pandemic has had a large impact on the mental health of Indians, with many feeling unsafe, leading to a... General 07/Apr/2020
Need groceries or vegetables? Call these helplines set up for disabled people during the lockdown In many cities across India, NGOs and state government agencies have set up helplines and delivery services for disabled people during the coronavirus lockdown. We have put together a list for you... General 07/Apr/2020
Absence of caregivers troubles divyangs Persons with disabilities (PwDs) across the States are having tough times in managing day-to-day affairs in the absence of caregivers as well as essential supplies and medical aid because of the... General 03/Apr/2020
COVID-19: Residents administer compassion street by street The RWA at Dr. S. Radhakrishnan Nagar in Thiruvanmiyur is getting “street representatives” to identify people in need and help them At Dr. S. Radhakrishnan Nagar in Thiruvanmiyur, the Residents... General 02/Apr/2020
Born Visually Impaired, 15 YO Overcame Bullying To Inspire Many With Songs, Words Though born visually impaired, Hannah, today, is the youngest and sought after motivational speakers in Kerala. She has also written and recorded many songs for her YouTube Channel which has almost... General 01/Apr/2020
This lockdown period, Bengaluru based NGO Smileys reaches out to disabled people in different ways Bengaluru based NGO Smileys is ensuring to provide food, water and other essential commodities to disabled people in the city during the lockdown period. The services are sent through authorized... General 01/Apr/2020
Maharashtra: Advance one-month pension for disabled The state government Friday announced a slew of welfare measures to enable physically challenged persons cope with the 21-day lockdown. One-month advance pension would be credited to the personal... General 30/Mar/2020
Coronavirus | Despite pandemic, Braille printing press in Berhampur busy with work Efforts are on to provide Braille textbooks to visually challenged Class XI students in the coming academic year. While COVID-19 has hit education around the world, Odisha’s only Braille printing... General 30/Mar/2020
Coronavirus crisis: Have we Overlooked the Disabled Population? In my last column when I raised a question on whether the media really cares about the disabled population, I didn’t know two weeks later, we would face a more pertinent issue of whether the country... General 27/Mar/2020
Coronavirus restrictions put extra burden on the blind community: Experts The novel coronavirus outbreak has forced millions of people around the world to limit what and who they touch and stay in place for the time being -- all methods to try to tamp down on the spread of... General 27/Mar/2020


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