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Wed, 06/22/2016 - 10:36 -- geeta.nair

A “sea of humanity” came together in the national Capital on Tuesday to make the second International Yoga Day a great success. While foreigners and diplomats practiced yoga at various locations in the city, a group of blind children from Karnataka showcased yoga and wowed the audience.

Also, the women soldiers marked their strong presence on the historic day.

Shivanad N Kelur, the yoga instructor for these blind students at a Karnataka-based school said, “Our school helps blind children to learn physical exercise. We emphasise more on yoga as it keeps one mentally and physically fit.”

According to Kelur, yoga has increased the memory and concentration for these blind children.

Vimshi Kabadar, 13, a blind child who performed solo yoga postures, said, “I have been doing yoga for many years and I feel good doing it.”

Citing the importance of yoga in life, Kabadar said yoga on daily basis makes one mentally strong and makes one see the world through the mind. “We understand things better now,” he added.

These children have performed yoga at various platforms across the nation. Eight-year-old Laxmi Niayyar said, “I feel so energised when I do yoga and I want to make my career as a yoga trainer.” It is for the first time she has showcased yoga talent outside her hometown.

While many blind students narrated the importance of yoga for the healthy mind and soul, the differently-abled children were nowhere less to highlight the awareness and importance of yoga for staying fit.

The women soldiers also marked their strong presence at Connaught Place. On one hand, the women team of CISF proved that there is no dearth of measures for tackling eve teasers through a martial art form, around 200 newly recruited lady constables from the Delhi Police also proved how important yoga has become part of their routine life.

The women commandos, who are largely undercover, showed how things like a dupatta, hair pin, footwear, and a small wooden rod can be helpful in defending oneself. Also, the commandos stressed on the importance of staying fit and healthy for a common woman.

The elite team of CISF women commandos displayed Pekiti Tirsia Kali, a martial art originally from Philippines. These undercover women combatants have been trained in the century-old martial art technique which is a close-quarter unarmed combat skill used to take on multiple opponents at one time by using obscure objects usually worn on the body.

These female commandos are posted in Delhi Metro and respond to any misbehaviour, aggression or violence against women passengers or others, and also keep a similar profile and task at the Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGIA).

 “We have been doing yoga daily for the past three months and it’s a part of our training now,” said Yamamuri, a recruit originally from Arunanchal Pradesh. Total 196 lady constables selected from across the country reached Connaught Place early in the morning and performed yoga.

Kajal from Daman and Diu who has been in Delhi for the past three months said that she is happy that now yoga has become such an important part of her life as she begins her day with it which has made her more focused.

Deepali, who hails from Delhi’s Shahdara said, “To keep us healthy, yoga is most important for women. Indeed, yoga can also help women to get the self defense,” said Deepali.

Tulika, a resident of Assam is a women constable at Delhi Police, said, “It is an amazing experience to be at World Yoga Day celebrations for us as it essential for a healthy mind and body.”

Meanwhile, diplomats, along with their children, from 40 countries including Afghanistan, Russia, Sri Lanka, Japan, Mexico, Ghana, Belgium, Singapore, China and others participated in the event and said yoga is a popular exercise across the globe which has maintained the soft connection with India.


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