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ONYX Deskset XL

The ONYX Deskset XL is:
A self contained unit with all features of the versatile ONYX as mentioned below
Mounted to a flat screen monitor that can be tilted forward/ backward or raised/ lowered
Compact, ready-to-use and portable
Provided with a Unique rolling carrying case
Ideal for school, work, or anywhere that requires magnification on-the-go.
Optional Add-on: X-Y Reading Table
Available in 3 Models:
Deskset XL 17" monitor (1x up to 64x magnification)
Deskset XL 19" monitor (1.1x up to 71x magnification)
Deskset XL 22" monitor (1.3x up to 96x magnification)


It provides three distinct viewing options are provided:  
Distance View: for Objects at a distance like a blackboard or whiteboard
Document View: for documents placed under the Camera
Self View: for a true mirror image.
Magnification - up to 75x on a 15" screen and up to 100x on a 21" screen
4 viewing modes to suit individual vision needs: Full colour, Inverted Colour, Positive - Black on White and Negative - White on Black
Masking feature: Blocks upper & lower halves of the screen, making it easier to focus on a specific area and reduce glare
Marker lines feature: Helps improve focussed reading
Remote Control: Has easy to see colourful tactile buttons to adjust magnification, brightness, contrast, change viewing modes, centre a distant image, flip images horizontally or vertically, temporarily Freeze images, Turn Auto Focus on or off, Enable or disable Masking or Marker lines
Omni-directional articulating arm
Brightness adjustments to eliminate glare and enable viewing in low-light environments
Find Feature
Focus Lock
Freeze Frame
Position Sensor memorizes your settings in each viewing mode
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