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Perkins Brailler

Visual Impairment Level: 
Low Vision/Blind

Employment statistics prove that braille literacy is essential to productive, independent living for people who are blind. The Next Generation Perkins Brailler weighs 25% less than its predecessor, meaning that more children around the world who are blind can carry their braille writing machines to and from school. 

The NEW Next Generation Perkins Brailler carries this mission into the future. This sleek, lightweight, quiet version of the much-loved Classic Perkins Brailler will make writing in braille much easier and more accessible.

Features & Benefits
The Next Generation Perkins Brailler includes functions you asked for – a built-in eraser, a way to read the page easily while writing, a shorter keystroke requiring less force, and margin guides on the front rather than the back panel. It even comes in fun colors, has tactile design elements and is more environmentally-friendly.
New Features in the Next Generation Perkins Brailler include: 
Easier to hold and carry - 25 % Lighter than the Classic Perkins Brailler  (Dimensions: 12”L x 10”W x 6”H; 30.5 cm L x 25.4 cm W x 15.2 cm H)
Quieter – Keystroke noise is reduced, plus the end-of-line bell is audible but muted 
Gentle Touch Keys – Less force required plus keys are lower and easier to reach 
Easy-Erase Button – Push it to erase the entire braille cell 
Easy-Grip Handle – The Brailler base is also a handle 
Reading Rest – The back panel can be raised to provide a flat surface for reading the page; a raised line on the left side guides the paper into the brailler 
Front Panel Margin Guides – Easily accessible; no more reaching around the back 
Highly durable - Due to a combination of metal inner frame and parts, and high-impact polycarbonate outer shell 
Paper-Feed Knobs - Easier to hold and turn 
High contrast colors - Between keys and Brailler body for low vision users 
Environmentally friendly – uses recyclable plastic and less oil 
Sleek design - With tactile-friendly materials 
Cool colors – Raspberry & Midnight Blue
Easy to service for minor repairs – the bottom of the Brailler can be unscrewed to allow access to the inner workings (most repairs should be undertaken by a trained Brailler repair specialist.
 Fits most common size paper  – 28 cells;  fits up to 8 ½ inch wide and 14 inch long paper (21.6 cm W X 35.6 cm L)


Rs. 34,125/- approx.
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Available in India: 

yes, Available at :
1. Sparsh Products, Dehradun, Uttarahand, India
2. S.R Trust,  Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India
Saksham Trust, Delhi, India
4. National Association for the Blind, Mumbai, India
5. Harsh Enterprise, Uttar Pradesh, India
6. Worth Trust, Tamil Nadu, India

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Sparsh Products

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