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Physically challenged girl rape case: Haryana Police's laxity revealed

Mon, 04/14/2014 - 12:49 -- nikita.jain

It is not just the politicians who are insensitive to gender issues but a DSP in Haryana too has been caught on a hidden camera displaying complete callousness in dealing with the gangrape of a mentally challenged and visually impaired minor girl.

The victim is 17, visually impaired and mentally challenged but none of these conditions stopped her attackers from brutalising her in broad daylight inside her own house. In halting she relives the trauma as she recalls, "He pinned me down in a charpoy, tore my clothes and closed my mouth." "I am scared," she says when asked if she wanted her attackers to be punished.

The incident took place in November 2012 and police arrested five people in connection with the case. But four of them were released including the 64-year-old landlord of the rape survivor.

Posing as social workers, CNN-IBN reporters met the local District Superintendent for his view on the case; a view loaded in favour of the 64 year-old landlord. Even the DSP accepts that the landlord was in the house, drinking liquor, when the rape happened.

DSP: We should not lie. I don't do wrong work. Accusing someone is not a minor thing, remember the Lord.

Rape Survivor: He threatened me not to tell anyone at home. Said the he would kill my parents.

DSP: He did not rape her. Even we agree that the old man had drinks sitting there.

The 17-year-old girl fought for her life in a government hospital for 11 days but only to face a bigoted police system that is insensitive to her trauma.


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