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Plenty of woes for blind students

Thu, 07/19/2012 - 12:04 -- admin

The five visually-impaired children appearing for the SSLC examination in the city, two girls and three boys, have more than blindness to overcome.

These children, who attend classes with normal children in regular schools like Cotton Hill and SMV School, are not provided any special tuition.

Making things more difficult for these students, they have not been given Braille-enabled textbooks this year.

“These children find it difficult to follow the teacher as complicated subjects like Mathematics and geometry are taught using blackboards,” said Mr Raghunathan Nair, the pri-ncipal of Government Sch-ool for the Visually Imap-ired, Vazhuthacaud, here.

“To make up for what is lost in class, these children will have to be provided special tuition,” he added. However, the state government which provides tui-tion assistance for SC/ST students does not extend such a facility to the blind.

Braille writing being lot more complicated and stressful than mere handwriting, it is difficult for the visually-impaired children to catch up with others while notes are dictated in class.

“So what they normally do is get their friends dictate to them after school or during intervals so that they can prepare the notes in Braille,” he said.

“Some technical problems have caused the delay in the printing of Braille books,” a senior official at the Integrated Education for Disabled Children said. He said the books will be ready soon. Braille printing is time-consuming.

Of the five students, the three girls attend the Cotton Hill Girls’ High School and the two boys, SMV Higher Secondary School.

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