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Programming in Python

Fri, 08/30/2019 - 11:35 -- geeta.nair

Announcing – An Exciting Program from Vision-Aid

Programming in Python - Classes for the VI and the blind.

Applications open for  Fall Semester 2019

Limited Enrollment.  Apply soon!
Application closing date:

10th September 2019


Are you a visually impaired or blind person who wants to learn computer
programming? Vision-Aid is  announcing a new semester set to start this
fall (September 2019). After successfully teaching Python programming for
the visually impaired  over the last three years, we are thrilled to offer
an even more comprehensive program this year. There have been changes in
the program and admissions policy compared to previous years. Please make
sure you go through this message carefully.

About the Course

 Students are introduced to computer science and programming concepts using
Python, one of the most popular languages for getting started with computer
programming.  Students selected for the Vision-Aid program will learn from
experts in the field using the best online learning resources. The classes
will be offered over SKYPE/ZOOM.  Each class will have two or more
students. The course will have a midterm and final exam. Students who
complete the course will be awarded a Vision-Aid certificate in Python

Why you should join?

We believe in training the students such that they can become lifelong
learners and reach their highest potential. Vision-Aid students have earned
MOOC certificates from MIT, Stanford and the University of Michigan.

Some have also secured excellent advanced learning and employment
opportunities.  Please view the following Videos of some of our Vision- Aid
star students – Adithi <> and Bharghav

Opportunity to participate in Hackathon

Qualifying students who successfully complete the course are also invited
to attend a hackathon for the visually impaired. This event is organized by
iStem, Vision-Aid and other leading organizations in India. All travel and
lodging expenses for the conference will be borne by Vision-Aid and
sponsors, and students will have a unique opportunity to meet with top IT
companies in Bangalore, the technology hub of India, to understand
employment opportunities and to gain valuable team work experience.


The Fall session class begins by the last week of September 2019 and ends
by mid February 2020.  The course will run for around 20 weeks. Depending
on the pace of learning, students are usually known to complete the course
within 15 to 16 weeks.


Vision-Aid is pleased to offer this course free of cost to the students.
However, students are required to have their own laptops/computers and a
good internet connection. Please note that this semester we have waived the
advance refundable deposit requirement which was required in the past.

The mandatory prerequisites for applying for this course are:

•    Desktop or laptop computer with reliable internet connectivity.

•    Motivation and dedication.

•    Discipline for focused learning and commitment to spend minimum of  10
hours per week.

•    Commitment to pursue higher level courses in Python for at least two
years to become job worthy for IT industries, for which Vision Aid will
provide mentorship.

•    Good communication skills.

Additional requirements that provide an advantage to applicants.

1.Exposure to  programming concepts

2. Familiarity with other computer languages like C, C++

Admission criteria


   Applications duly filled and submitted will be shortlisted based on
   prerequisites and desirable factors.

   Shortlisted candidates will go through a screening test for logical
   reasoning and basic mathematics .

   Successful candidates from the screening test will be personally
   interviewed over the Zoom meeting app.

   Candidates who are selected after the interviews will be enrolled into
   the course.

Please note that this is an intense programming course. It will require a
minimum of 10-15 hours of dedicated study and homework each week. Students
who do not put in the required time and effort may find it very difficult
to complete the course and master the concepts. Therefore, regular
attendance and time commitment are very important.  A student should apply
to the course only if they are sure they can invest the needed time for the
entire duration of the course. Once admitted a student MUST commit to
attending all classes regularly without exception. Any student who misses
more than 2 classes without prior written permission from the program
coordinator may be automatically dropped from the course and asked to
reapply for the next round of classes. In that case, someone on the
wait-list will be allotted their seat.

How to apply

Please fill out the form below.

Note that the demand for the course in prior semesters has been strong, so
apply soon to avoid the waiting list.

Click the link below to apply.



If you have any additional questions on the program, please send us an
email to

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Sixteen weeks
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Visually Impaired
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