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Readit Wand

Visual Impairment Level: 
Low to Zero Vision

The Readit Wand is a portable camera that connects to a computer to instantly magnify and read documents for the visually impaired. The camera weighs just 1.1 pounds and easily connects via USB. The 5-megapixel camera is highly accurate and extremely fast, allowing for recognition in as little as two seconds. Just plug the lightweight camera into your PC or laptop and it instantly translates any printed text into crystal clear speech. Letters, receipts, bank statements, books, product packaging etc. are all read with ease using the Readit Wand Everything read with the Readit Wand will be read in a clear, human-sounding voice. The ability to read all of these items makes Readit Wand the perfect tool for the classroom, at home, or at work. The stylish and compact Readit Wand allows for automatic multi-language switching when other languages are installed. The portability and multiple language support make it the ideal tool for students who are learning a foreign language. Readit Wand comes with exceptionally powerful software that allows you to save, load, import, and export documents, including PDFs. Importing PDF files into the Readit software enables users to read PDF files that originally are inaccessible because they are displayed as graphics. Readit Wand also allows you to save documents as a Word document, txt file, rtf, or even save your document as an MP3 file to listen to it on your favorite MP3 player 6 enhanced visualisations are available Image, Overlay, Word, Horizontal, Vertical and Column. View your captured documents from x0.2 to x80 magnification in any one of 6 visualisations. Text automatically flows from one line to the next and can be read out at any time The Readit Wand software contains an easy to use, easy access toolbar designed specifically for low vision users. The toolbar provides the ability to adjust the size of the clear, colorful icons, which give instant access to all the basic controls enabling low vision users to capture their document, change the view to their preference and more at the click of a button. Low vision consumers will greatly benefit from the 3 different types of highlights, as well as six different ways to display text, allowing low vision users to customize the software to their personal preference. When connected to a touchscreen monitor, the Readit Wand is the first portable camera to enable touchscreen support, allowing low vision users the ability to interact with the software by simply using their fingers! This means no more tracking the cursor, which provides direct interaction between the user and the Readit software, creating the best possible user experience.

Rs. 74,000/-for Individual Rs. 83,000/- for Institutional
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Yes, Sparsh Products

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VisionAid International Ltd

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