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RJ helps raise money for visually-impaired girl studying to be a lawyer

Fri, 05/19/2017 - 14:52 -- anoushka.mathew...

It takes a miracle for helpless people to get back on their feet and while many people are busy with their daily lives, they do not hesitate to help in every way they can. A radio jockey recently went out of her way to help a student who didn't have enough money to afford her meals and college and it is the best thing you will read today.

According to a media report, Radio City’s RJ Sucharita Tyagi has gone beyond her job to help fund a visually-impaired law student Nikita Shukla’s course. The girl who won a radio contest went to collect her prize at the radio station office when she decided to meet the radio jockey. The aspiring lawyer mentioned to Sucharita about her struggle and how her parents threw her out of the house when she told them she didn’t want to get married.

While she has been able to manage with donations from a few other students and professors, the money isn’t sufficient for her to get regular meals and has been only surviving on dinner for three years. The RJ spoke about Nikita on her show and money started pouring in from listeners and now enough money has been raised for her education and hostel fee.


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