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RTA unveils nol card for the blind at expo

Thu, 11/07/2019 - 14:19 -- shabnam.durani@...

 Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) exhibited a number of solutions at AccessAbilities Expo in Dubai, including a ‘nol’ public transport card modelled after Braille, whereby visually challenged individuals can differentiate it from other cards

The card can be used by the blind thanks to its embossed letters. RTA also displayed a mobile phone app with a design featuring artificial intelligence and algorithms enabling the visually impaired to use their mobile phones to identify places they want to go to via Bluetooth. It can also respond to voice commands to figure out important areas of the stations.

RTA exhibited a ‘Service Directory of People of Determination’ encompassing all initiatives customised to serve this segment to make their mobility easier, be it on public transport means, RTA facilities, footbridges or others, in line with RTA’s social responsibility.

Services customised to people of determination include exemption from Salik tolls (except audio disabilities), exemption from vehicle registration and renewal fees (including first-degree relatives). They also include 50 per cent exemption from driving license renewal fees, exemption from application fees of parking card, 100 per cent exemption from fees of nol card for senior Emiratis, 50 per cent exemption of nol card for students, and 50% per cent exemption on taxi fares.

Exhibits included the ‘A06’ model enabling smooth access for people of determination to RTA’s website for browsing in enlarged letters, dedicated screen for those experiencing colour blindness, and a voice service for benefiting from RTA services, in addition to other features relating to vision, hearing disorders and inability to use the mouse among others.

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