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This blogpost is written by Nikita Jain, Communication Officer, Score Foundation. Please note that Eyeway's Blog entries reflect the opinions of the author and contributors, meant to encourage debate and discussion, and not necessarily Score Foundation's official policy position. 

I am in the middle of light and darkness where I cannot find a permanent way to solve this puzzle of sight. My eyes play with me all the time. Sometimes it feels like there is no one like me. This confuses people and they start thinking that I have my own ways of doing things, don’t want to adjust and walk with the group. Taken by surprise I begin thinking that people can accept difference of opinions, caste, religion, languages but not habit. Why is there a culture of doing things in the way everyone is doing? I suppose it is the perception and background that makes people think this way. So, do I need to explain it to everyone that I AM PARTIALLY SIGHTED or PARTIALLY BLIND?
Why am I recognized as a person “who cannot see” and why not as a person who is “tall, charming and independent”. Vision impairment does not define me. It is just a small part of a rather big personality. 

It looks like that I can see everything but facts reveal a different story. The story is that I am someone who was born sighted and has always lived life without explaining my reasons to others. Absorbing sympathy does not come naturally to me, so I object and am often labeled immature, not ready to adapt - a rebel. Every individual wants to live a life full of dignity and without being labeled. As an individual with disability, I have the same expectations, with these expectations, I am working towards getting closer to my ambitions with all the strength that I have.
No one has the right to judge, exclude or feel sorry for me without knowing me personally. The very fact that my situation will change from being a person with low vision to completely blind cannot make me weak or powerless.
I want to be included and so I am dedicatedly working for “myself” with an expectation of cooperation and nothing else. Everyone has some or the other problem – visible or invisible, common or uncommon, big or small. We all need to adjust and walk together.

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