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Sparsh Forming Machine

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Zero vision

Quick Overview

Thermoforming Machine manufactured by Sparsh Products is robust, simple and easy to operate. You can get instantly a copy of Braille, raised maps & diagrams of a master on a (PVC) sheet with the help of SPARSH FORMING MACHINE.
Sparsh Forming Machine is useful and economical for producing limited number of copies for immediate use like question papers for examination, notes etc. It's more important use is for producing raised maps and diagrams which is not possible on any other machine.


The operation of Sparsh Forming Machine is very simple. The master drawing/map is first placed on working platform of machine; over the master the sheet is kept. Both are clamped together in a frame. Heater is pulled forward. The timer gets in action and vacuum pump starts functioning after the preset time. After that heater is pushed back and the vacuum pump is stopped. We open the clamp and the duplicate copy of the master is ready.

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