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Spelling Tool 2.0

Visual Impairment Level: 
Low to Zero vision

Spelling Tool is free and handy tool for all persons with visual impairment as well as physical impairment to improve their English. It is developed by EnAble India for those who want to enhance spelling skills. There are too many spellings in the English language. The tool enables users to practice basic words, common words, commonly confused words, and professional words which are critical for writing English in a professional environment. The tool is not a replacement for reading the dictionary or for learning spellings through other sources such as normal reading and writing. Persons especially with vision impairment (eg: non Braille users or Braille users who used non standard contractions) have to be careful about their spellings. The tendency is to write the spelling based on hearing its pronunciation which can cause errors. This tool hence hopes to provide awareness to such users regarding their level of English spellings and enables them to practice many words of the English language. Special Features: Learning mode for the words has been included in this tool. User will be able to do the revision on his/her weak spellings due to a special feature in the learning mode. Go to the categories list and select the option -> ‘revision exercises for your weak spellings’. Independent TTS (IBM via Voice TTS) has been used for the dictation of words. Now the tool is free from JAWS scripts installation. Physically disable candidates also can use the tool because it’s not JAWS dependent. Tool supports NVDA screen reader as well 4 new categories (around 260 new words) have been added. New category names mentioned are below: a. Work Related Words b. Common words used in office c. Professional vocabulary d. Words related to career 1 Procedure to obtain Spelling Tool 2.0: A Remote candidates: can directly fill on line Spelling Tool request form from website. Here is the link candidates who want to collect the cd in person can request for it in Enable India main office

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