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Accepting disability

Yashpal Chhabra who works as Office Superintendent (OS) with the Northern Railway visited the Eyeway Center, New Delhi to share the issues he was facing at the job since his vision loss contracted from Glaucoma leaving him 100% blind. As a result, he was facing immense hostility from the authority and fellow employees which was making his life difficult. The most significant problem he faced was the rejection of his disability certificate which he was issued by the designated medical authority of his district of residence. Railway authority is stubborn on obtaining a disability certificate from the railway medical hospital and for that, no initiative has been organized from the side of the railways. He is thus put through this ordeal of not being acknowledged of his condition in his workplace. He is deprived of his rightful accessibility provisions so that he can work normally and independently.

Eyeway identified for him his rights as per the RPWD Act 2016 and RPD Rules 2017 which are violated. Eyeway has taken up the issue for a full resolution which is in stages of progress as of November 2017. As a first step, Eyeway has framed an application for Chhabra citing the rights of a disabled person which are violated according to the Act and Rules. This application is aimed at finding for Chhabra his rightful acceptance as a blind employee and to help him find the necessary provisions needed in his workplace for the smooth conduct of his job.
Yashpal Chhabra’s is a clear case of divestment, where Railway authorities are not acknowledging his disability and looking to dispose him from the job by not making the workplace accessible.

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