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How to educate the authorities?

Suraj Vishwakarma from Chhattisgarh, a born blind class 7 student contacted Eyeway in July 2018. Him and his parents, a financially poor family has been totally in the dark due to unawareness and misinformation. His father does welding work and mother does sweeping in the municipality for a living. Income, resources and daily living are all issues to this family among their child’s blindness. They have but accepted their ‘present’ and want to bring some changes to their ‘future’. This is the hope with which they are sending Suraj to the nearby mainstream school and same hope is with which they sweat out in daily labor to feed the family. Suraj’s family contacted Eyeway raising their displeasure over their local politicians misleading them on information relating to disability pension. Out of unawareness they approached the village Sarpanch and other local politicians to seek help regarding the issue. Though they could have been assisted, the lack of knowledge of both the parties helped none. 

Eyeway counselor on understanding the matter quickly took to the best action available. From various local resources Eyeway counselor found out the contact person and details in the District Social Welfare department and shared it with Suraj’s family. But the specific contact person never answered the phone calls making the case worse. On understanding this situation, Eyeway counselor contacted a local NGO called Social Revival Group of Urban, Rural and Tribal (SROUT) which does community related work in the region. The counselor conveyed the issue to them and they have taken it up for further action. The NGO is currently building a case against the officials for advocacy so that Suraj will receive his due disability pension.

It is very important for public authorities to assist and contribute their best services to people on the margins of the society. Eyeway hopes Suraj’s issue will turn out positively not only for his benefit, but also for the disabled community at large.

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