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Vijaylakshmi’s winning vision

Dr V Vijaylakshmi was born with Retinitis Pigmentosa that left her visually impaired at an early age. This, however, did not stop her from realizing her dreams. Born to a lower-middle-class family in Bangalore, Vijaylakshmi braved through the disabling attitudes of peers and teachers at her school, becoming the first distinction holder in the State Board examinations. Her determination and passion for Carnatic music resulted in earning a Doctoral degree in the subject.

Vijaylakshmi now runs her own music school ‘Sushraaya’. Her excellence in the vocation has warranted a steady rise in demand for her classes from across the globe. She was initially trained in using computers at Enable India, an Eyeway partner in Bangalore where she learnt the use of Skype to remotely engage with her students in India and abroad.
Eyeway has been a constant feature in her success story of taking Indian music to the world stage. Vijaylakshmi’s tryst with Eyeway started in 2005 when she became hooked to our inspirational series on All India Radio. Since then Vijaylakshmi has turned to Eyeway to optimize her knowledge and use of technology for promoting her profession.
Recently, she engaged with the Eyeway counsellor who apprised her of various Android applications so she can interact with her students using her smartphone. For instance, BOTIM is an app which enables calling over data and Wi-Fi for free.
Her positive outlook towards life has made Vijaylakshmi an inspiration for one and all, including the approximately 2.6 million visually impaired women who continue living under ignorance.

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