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Tabla compositions now in Braille

Thu, 07/19/2012 - 12:05 -- admin

To help visually-challenged children learn classical Indian music, a new book having musical notations and tabla compositions in Braille has been launched.


Published by the city-based Dhwani Academy of Percussion Music in collaboration with the Ramakrishna Mission, the 80-page book 'Tabla Innersight' is available in English, Hindi and Bengali.


"This is for the first time that these notations have come out in Braille. We will distribute it for free among visually-challenged music students and various libraries all over the country," Abhijit Banerjee, who runs the academy, said.


Himself a Tabla player, Banerjee hasincluded raagas and different compositions of all the six Tabla gharanas of India in the book.


Devised in 1825 by Louis Braille, a visually challenged Frenchman, the Braille system is a tactile method of writing widely used by such people to read and write.


Employing groups of embossed dots to represent printed letters and numbers, the format allows people to read any language by feeling the dots through their fingers.


The academy has been giving music lessons for free to students of the Calcutta Blind School in Behala.


"I found some of the students to be very talented in music. But I wanted them to also have some theoretical knowledge about notations and that's how we come up with this idea of Braille books," Banerjee said.

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