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Talking newspaper receives £2,000 grant from Rotarians

Wed, 07/18/2012 - 18:21 -- admin

A grant will help future generations of those with sight problems to "read" this newspaper.

Wells Talking Newspapers is an initiative to help the blind and partially-sighted to enjoy their Wells Journal every week.

Spokesman David Read explained how it has been running successfully since 1978 but it has now had a very modern update.

"The service is sent out every Friday to some 40 local residents on electronic tape via the Post Office who undertake this at no cost," he said.

"The recipients are recommended by Social Services and doctors.

"Anyone who feels that they would benefit from the service should enquire from both these people.

"The service has been financed with donations from individuals and local organisations.

"Since its inception, the recordings have been made on equipment which is now old and out of date.

"So Peter Beechey, who has co-ordinated all aspects of the newspaper for many years, set about costing and obtaining new equipment.

"This included digital hand-held recorders for use by the 20 or so volunteer readers, memory sticks, duplicating equipment, and the clients' devices for playing back the recorded newspaper.

"All of this has been made possible by generous donations, amounting to £2,000 from the Rotary Club of Wells, and the service, which is free for all visually impaired people, is set to continue into the foreseeable future."

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