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Talking Notice Board

Now, make all your notices directly accessible to people with visual impairment and those who are print disabled with the Talking Notice Board, an innovative concept by BarrierBreak. The Talking Notice Board holds cards with the Touch Memo labels pasted on them which are used to record and play Notices using the Touch Memo.
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Quick Overview


The Talking Notice Board is powered by a digital voice labeler, the Touch Memo which is about the size of a pen. It records and plays message when you touch a supplied label with the Touch Memo. Simply attach a Touch Memo label to the object, touch the tip of the Touch Memo pen to the label, then record a descriptive voice tag. Then next time when you touch the tip of the Touch Memo pen to that label it will play back the recorded voice tag associated with it.

The Touch Memo is attached to the Notice board by a chain. Any one who wishes to listen to the recorded messages can touch the tip of the Touch Memo pen to the labels pasted on the cards and get access to the notices recorded on them.

  1.  High quality voice
  2. Easily back-up your recorded labels on a PC
  3. 2 GB (Internal flash memory) with 83 hours of recording time
  4. Approximately 6 hours of operating 


  1. Elegant looking notice stand
  2. Card slots with 10 message capacity
  3. Distinguishable 3 button pen
  4. Mounting equipment [screws, hook and chain] provided time


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