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Talking thermostat

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Low to Zero Vision

The VIP Series "talking thermostats" combine the latest technology to promote independent living with its verbal setup instructions and verbal announcements of the day, time, room temperature and temperature setting. The VIP is truly a "talking thermostat" that was designed to provide a comfort solution, and energy management for senior citizens and persons who are blind, visually impaired or disabled. 

The VIP is a single zone battery powered thermostat that can be setup for either programmable (night setback) or non-programmable (manual) operation depending on the application. In the programmable mode, the VIP functions as a setback thermostat with 5+2 programming. Five plus two programming means that Monday through Friday, there are four separate programs per 24-hour period, wake, day, evening and sleep. Four different programs can be entered to suit your weekend schedule. In the non-programmable mode, all automatic setback functions are disabled and the VIP functions as a manual "talking thermostat". 


Product Reliability - free lifetime warranty 

Very User Friendly - built in voice instructions guides the user in setting the day, time, weekly and weekend 

temperature settings 

Built in Loud Speaker - announces the current day, time, room temperature, set point and programming instructions when the appropriate button is pressed 

Push button Convenience - easy to use control panel, receive voice confirmation after each button press 

Arm chair programming - program your VIP before mounting to the wall 

Program Choice - programmable 5+2 setback schedule or non-programmable mode 

Multiple programs - up to four time and temperature settings per weekday and separate weekend settings in the 5+2 programmable setback mode 

Easy installation - can directly replace most 2, 3, 4 and 5 wire analog and digital thermostats 

Freeze protection - turns on heating system at 40 degrees if thermostat is off or is inoperative 

Memory Backup - assures that all programmed data will be retained in the event of a power failure 

Low Battery Alarm - announces when the battery is low 

LCD Display - for the sighted person, up to the second visual display of time, temperature, and system status in addition to voice announcements 

Attractive Styling 

For 2.4 volt gas or electric heat with or without air conditioning

Product dimensions (imperial): 4 inch H x 6.375 inch L x 1.5 inch W

Product dimensions (metric): 101.60 mm H x 161.93 mm L x 38.10 mm W, , , The VIP also has built in freeze protection. In the event the indoor temperature drops to 40 degrees due the thermostat being turned off or inoperative, your heating system will be automatically turned on.

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