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Talks (Talking Software for Mobile) - latest version 5.31.4 is out and available with following TTS:

  1. Eloquence-ELO – it can read US, UK English in Male voice (like JAWS Voice).
  2. VCM – it contains 8 Types of TTS in female and male voice. It can read US, UK, and Indian English and Hindi also.

The price for purchasing only one software either ELO or VCM is Rs. 2000/- and Rs. 2800/- for both.

Changes to the list of supported phones

There are no changes to the list of supported phones in the version. It already resolves some issues with the support for the Belle FP1 firmware (which is used, for example, in the Nokia 808 PureView), but we are continuing to look at some remaining compatibility problems.
The Belle FP2 firmware update (only available for recent touch-only models, such as the Nokia 701 and 808 PureView) is not yet supported, and upgrading the firmware should be avoided because it will render some parts of the system, such as the keyboard, inaccessible.

What’s New

New version of Vocalizer:

  1. Vocalizer 5.60.1: this version includes the latest updates from ongoing Vocalizer product development, with various improvements across several languages as voices.

New features:

  1. On recent 3rd Edition FP2 phones, emoticons (smileys) in text messages and the symbol table are now read.
  2. Improved automatic reading of “call waiting” screen (if TALKS is not muted permanently during call). In most situations, an incoming call should not be announced without the need to press any additional keys.
  3. Last spoken phrase can be copied to clipboard using [Talks],[long 8]. This copies the phrase “as spoken”, so that the names of some punctuation characters may be included as words in addition to the characters themselves, depending on the punctuation setting. As a confirmation, the phrase is spoken again.

Browser improvements: 

  1. Combo boxes can be opened using [Select] in browser 7.3/7.4.
  2. Now supports text input fields using new HTML5-style field types. The increasing use of this new type of control was the reason why text fields on some popular pages stopped working with TALKS lately.
  3. "Reset" buttons in forms are now displayed as well.
  4. Now also supports "This page" links that go to an object identified by an ID attribute rather than its anchor name.
  5. Improved word-wrapping in virtual buffer for long text sections on web pages, especially in non-Latin scripts, to avoid cutting off sentence ends.
  6. Added support for BUTTON element in HTML
  7. Fixed repeating of "Text area" when typing in browser 7.3
  8. Clickable images outside of links with no alt/title text are now supported.

Full compatibility list

  • Keyboard phones:

    1. Nokia 5320 XpressMusic
    2. Nokia 5630 XpressMusic
    3. Nokia 6700 slide (but not 6700 classic!)
    4. Nokia 6210 Navigator
    5. Nokia 6220 Classic
    6. Nokia 6650 fold
    7. Nokia 6710 Navigator
    8. Nokia 6720 classic
    9. Nokia 6730 classic
    10. Nokia 6790 Surge / slide
    11. Nokia C5-00
    12. Nokia C5-00 5MP
    13. Nokia E5-00
    14. Nokia E52
    15. Nokia E66
    16. Nokia E71
    17. Nokia E71x
    18. Nokia E72
    19. Nokia E73
    20. Nokia E75
    21. Nokia N78
    22. Nokia N79
    23. Nokia N85
    24. Nokia N86
    25. Nokia N96
    26. Nokia X5-01
  • Touch screen phones:

    1. Nokia 700 (new)
    2. Nokia 701 (new)
    3. Nokia 5230 Xpress Music
    4. Nokia 5800 Xpress Music
    5. Nokia C5-03
    6. Nokia C6-00
    7. Nokia C6-01
    8. Nokia C7-00
    9. Nokia E6-00
    10. Nokia E7-00
    11. Nokia N8-00
    12. Nokia N97
    13. Nokia N97mini
    14. Nokia X6
  • Untested, but expected to work:

    1. Nokia 500 (new)
    2. Nokia 5228 Xpress Music
    3. Nokia 5235 Xpress Music
    4. Nokia 5530 Xpress Music
    5. Nokia 5730 Xpress Music
    6. Nokia X7-00


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