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Talks & Zooms at 1800; Hindi TTS also available

Thu, 07/19/2012 - 15:55 -- admin

Second phase of Nuance Talks at concessional rate

Special Announcement

Based on feedback and requests of users, Saksham is back again with:

Limited time offer for Nuance Talks at concessional rate of Rs. 1800 only

Get a phone that supports talks, get just the talks premium edition license along with DAISY player and magnification software by paying just Rs. 1800.

This time we are here with some new options:

  1. Talks Premium edition license with DAISY2Go and zoom with either Eloquence or Vocaliser TTS license: Rs. 1800. ( See below for more details on Eloquence and Vocaliser TTS Voices).
  2. Talks Premium edition license with DAISY2Go and Zoom with both Eloquence and Vocaliser voices: Rs. 2550
  3. If you already have Talks with Eloquence or Vocaliser TTS, then you can add the other family of voices by paying Rs. 850.
  4. Add Rs. 300 with any of the above choices and you can get one year Bookshare membership.

Salient Features:

Phone loaded with Nuance Talks Premium Edition license provides following solutions:

1. Speech support for all phone functions such as reading of numbers, caller id, call records, calculator, converter, contacts, SMS, etc.
2. DAISY Player software: This phone is an excellent DAISY audio book player and also the text only book reader available from bookshare etc. It also supports listening to normal MP3 audio files and music.
3. GPS Based navigation system: You will never lose your way now. This phone tells you where you are and also provides step by step route guidance in cities all over India.
4. For persons with low vision, this comes with screen magnification software.
5. Choice of different voices: You can choose between Eloquence or Vocaliser voice. If you choose Eloquence, you get US or UK English voices same as what you hear from Jaws software. If you choose Vocaliser voice then you get choice of UK, US or Indian English and also the Hindi Voice. With the Rs. 1800 offer you get either Eloquence or Vocaliser family of voices.
6. New in this offer: If you want both Eloquance and Vocaliser voices, then you can now do so by paying Rs. 2550. Rs. 2550 includes Nuance Talkspremium edition license and all Eloquence and Vocaliser voices.
a. Voices that you get in Eloquence TTS (These are the voices that we often get along with jaws screen reading software on the computer).
i. Eloqunce US English
ii. Eloquence UK English
b. You get all the below voices in Vocaliser TTS License:
i. Vocaliser Sangita voice for Indian English
ii. Vocaliser Lekha for Hindi
iii. Vocaliser Daniel UK English Male
iv. Vocaliser Serena UK English Female
v. Vocaliser Tom US English Male.
vi. Vocaliser Samantha US English Female
7. Special Bookshare membership offer: Along with the talks license, you can get one year bookshare membership at the cost of Rs. 300 only. Bookshare is an online library from where you can download books that you can read on your phone itself. As of now we have more than 35000 books in this online library. These books are available in English, Hindi and Tamil Language. You can read English or Hindi books onyour phone.

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